About Us
AUTOMATE SYSTEM SALES & SERVICES SDN BHD (AUTOMATE) was established in with objective to supplies and service office automation for many corporate and individual alike.
AUTOMATE is dynamically involves in field of office automation industry with continues committing the reliable of quality services to the corporate office solution in resulted a systematic approach through a Total Quality Management (TQM) system. Our business is centered on marketing and servicing a range of quality products supplies or imported directly from local foreign producers or manufacturers.
In the year 1999, AUTOMATE has been involved in remanufacturing industry of recycling laser toner cartridge since rolling out its first remanufacturing toner cartridge, ends up significantly reduce the amount of waste or landfills issues for the global concern. Our company also maintain those product competitiveness thought out continues of production deployment, today Automate products in remanufactures various models of laser toner cartridge such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Canon, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox & etc.
Today, AUTOMATE had fortified our formidable reputation as a specialist of reliable Canon Copiers, Large Format Printers and OCE Wide Format Printers, we began emphasizing on other top quality office equipment, devising means and methods to offer affordable and reasonable prices to enhance value-for-money and customer satisfaction. These factors contribute to AUTOMATE continuous and increasing drive upwards to provide better and more efficient service and goods for our patrons and customers.
With our clear mission focus and commitment to professionalism, quality and excellence, we continuously strive to serve our existing customer as well as place our products and services to new market. Our product development division set very high standards in the quality of the products and services offered to our customers, continuous improvement in the quality of our service will ensure that we will succeed in meeting our customers’ requirements in the long term.

Our Mission

To be result-driven, fulfilling and exceeding customers’ expectations in providing excellent services with committed service level agreement (SLA).


Everyone who works for us is of the utmost importance. Each is qualified, experienced and dedicated individuals who aim to provide the best service possible. By practicing an open yet structured management hierarchy, AUTOMATE pledges a lifelong commitment to innovation, quality and all-aspect product improvement.


Our state-of-the-art remanufacturing process yields consistent, high-quality performance from every cartridge we produce. We use the latest equipment, proven techniques and professional technicians to create reliable cartridges that our customers can count on. Ongoing research and development ensures that we stay on the cutting edge, producing cartridges for the very latest printers on the market.

Product Reliability

We are so sure of our cartridges that with every remanufactured toner cartridge comes with our personal guarantee of your satisfaction - if you're not happy with our product, it's 30 days money back guaranteed. We'll gladly refund your money with no questions asked.

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